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 The BITKLAP.COM platform is a platform affiliated with Africa Social Smart, specializing in cryptocurrency exchanges, money transfer with the BYTHMONEY dollar, the design of Blockchain ecosystem products with a client portfolio management system and managed on a platform  highly secure web.  Each transaction carried out on our platform constitutes steps to be followed in order to achieve a specific result. has implemented a system called investment bitklap where members can make pack purchases for ROI.


 This is an agreement between BITKLAP.COM and you (Subscriber and user of BYTHMONEY Dollar).  By using any service, whether through Africa Social Smart, an associated website, API, or mobile application, you agree to have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions contained herein (the "Agreement  of Use ”), as well as our privacy policy available in this contract.


 BITKLAP.COM, whose activities are as follows: cryptocurrency trading (buying and selling in real time), hereinafter referred to as "the seller", on the one hand, and any person receiving the link to this document by e  -mail or any other means of communication hereinafter referred to as "the buyer", on the other hand.






 Article 1: General principle


 By using the site and by signing this user agreement by clicking on `` I accept '', you affirm that you are an individual, at least 18 years old, have the capacity to sign this user agreement and accept  to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy and Business Principles as incorporated herein, as amended from time to time.  In order to use the Services, you may be required to provide certain identifying information in accordance with our compliance program.  BITKLAP.COM thus offers the possibility to all customers to have their accounts verified in order to be able to carry out certain operations such as: transfers and withdrawals.  Any unverified account will be unable to perform the operations listed above.



 Article 2: Object


 The seller enters into a contract with the buyer whereby the buyer subscribes to the purchase of a cryptocurrency pack product from the seller's website;  The stock market will pay the buyer a profit for a specified period of time as defined in the contract.



 Article 3: Cryptocurrency packs and exchanges


 The buyer can carry out transactions of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, of deposit in his wallet, subscribes to a pack of cryptocurrency according to the different packs offered on the rapid site: or invest.



 Article 4: Pack payment


 Payment for the subscribed pack will be made in the name of the seller ( Platform) on the seller's website ( or the link of the payer of the payment processor or Bitcoin, or mobile transfer in  an account opened in said processors.



 Article 5: Duration of the contract


 This contract is for a period of one (01) one year, i.e. (52) fifty-two weeks.



 Article 6: Refund of the purchase amount of the pack and payment of interest on it.


 An amount corresponding to the percentage of the amount of the purchased pack will be paid each week to the buyer by the seller for a period of fifty-two (52) weeks. The total amount paid to the buyer during the 52 weeks represents the amount of the purchase and the interest corresponding to this pack.


 The first payment will be made automatically, on the seventh (7th) day from the date of payment made by the buyer.



ARTICLE 7: Africa Social Smart and benefit of priority and ordinary shareholders.


 All ASS privileged or priority shareholders must fund their reserve or deposit account of $ 10 on before proceeding to enrollment in the Africa Social Smart Affiliate Contract and saved 15% in their reserve account in order to participate in the IEO  by Africa Social Smart.  This 15% represents a guarantee fund for the units to be subscribed within the IEOs of the LA VIDA coin.


  Priority and privileged members of ASS must save 25% weekly of the earnings collected for IEOs of LA VIDA and 15% for the development of the Affiliate contract in order to participate in the creation of reinvestment support accounts in the base to facilitate the overflow within the Affiliate Contract at the IEO of  Africa Social Smart.


 55% of the net accounting profit from the income of BITKLAP.COM are reserved for privileged and ordinary shareholders who will be able to subscribe and release their share in the ICOs of VIDIACHANGE, i.e. 20% for the 200,000 ordinary shareholder members and 35% for the 1,500 shareholders  priority.


 40% is reserved for start-ups


 5% for the security of the platform.



 Bitklap is an exchange platform developed by start-ups to facilitate money exchanges between countries in Africa and the world and conversions from one crypto to another.  To enable each country to obtain money transfers from one country to another, Bitklap has developed a digital currency called Dollar BYTHMONEY.  This currency is the most widely used on the Bitklap trading and investment platform.  However, you can open an account on or on the quick link  You can deposit BYTHMONEY Dollar currency into your account, send it to another member with a Bitklap account anywhere in the world.  To facilitate withdrawals of Dollar Bythmoney or other digital currencies in local currencies (Mobiles MONEY) Bitklap has developed a system of representation.  This being the following:

 - Any member of Africa Social Smart shareholder wishing to apply for Bitklap in his country must pay a guarantee deposit of 1 million CFA payable in two installments: 

500,000 CFA at start-up and 500,000 CFA in the second month.  Upon payment of his deposit, he continuously recharges his Dollar Bythmoney account according to one of his choices from the following packs:

 -150,000f Dollar Bythmoney 

- 500,000f Dollar Bythmoney.  

Member that IS not in ASS member wishing to evaluate Bitklap pays a deposit of 2 million payable in two installments: 1 million at start-up and 1 million in the second month.  He must top up his wallet according to the choice of the following packs: - 500,000f Dollar Bythmoney - 1,000,000f Dollar Bythmoney The deposit is recoverable and is linked to the termination of the contract.  The day the representative finds our platform unreliable, unprofitable or others and decides to leave, he submits a request for recovery of his deposit 3 months in advance.  ASS members who have recharged their Trust Wallet with 11 accounts of 0.13 eth, and who are active in the committee listening to leaders, who have their ASS Facebook account and who participate in ASS debates are among the privileged people of the present.


  -2% on each recharge.  

- 2% on the total monthly profit of the company Bitklap until the end of the contract.

  - The MTN Money, Orange money, T-Money, Mobicash numbers of representatives are used on the exchange platform depending on the country to facilitate recharges and withdrawals of different currencies in the sub-region and others.  The point of withdrawals and recharges to the representatives' numbers is made once the representative's recharge amount has expired (when the representative receives the amount he has recharged in his mobile money account, he makes a withdrawal request.  of this amount and top up again on the account).


   Representatives must be connected until 11 p.m. to notify receipt of funds on their mobile account in real time.


  Bitklap is in the field of trading and other exchanges.  The only fluid domain in the world because nothing happens without exchanges.  An estimate of $ 100,000 in turnover for this start and a minimum of $ 1,000,000 per week in the months to come.  Following our Cryptomnnnies and Currencies Trading Platform Project, our platform will generate nearly $ 1 billion / day in trading turnover for years to come.

  Notes: Anyone wishing to rate Bitklap should go to Chat on the bitklap platform or email for a quick referra

 Notes: The conditions listed in article 7 are from the conditions of obligation and requirement for all members who agree to become a privileged and priority shareholder of Africa Social Smart and who undertakes to benefit from the advantages of

 Article 8: Minor risk insurance and partial exemption of the seller


 In the event that the financial program is dismissed making it impossible to reimburse interest, the seller undertakes to reimburse the buyer for the purchase amount.

initial package and this amount as damages.



 Article 8: Total exemption of the seller


 In the event of force majeure, that is to say in the event of the occurrence of risks resulting from unforeseen circumstances and any other exorbitant phenomena of the seller's costs, negligence or recklessness, the seller is totally exempt from any reimbursement to the buyer.



 Article 9: Transfer of funds


 Transfers can only be made between members of the system.  To make a transfer to a member of the system, many factors come into play in order to make the transaction safe, as it is impossible to make a transfer and afterwards come to the company and complain about being in pain.  filled in the beneficiary's details (e-mail which is unique), because the system allows the user to verify the beneficiary's information before the final validation of the transaction.  As on most platforms, you must of course log into your account before any maneuver



 Article 10: Condition of transfer from one account to another account


 The BITKLAP.COM Service allows a transfer of digital assets for the purposes of internal regulations, sale or purchase of BYTHMONEY dollars online ("Transfer") to an identified natural person ("authorized agent") and  thus allows the seller and the buyer to be informed in their operations.



 The seller's obligations


 Identify your buyer;


 Sell ​​to an authorized agent of his choice who is part of the list of authorized agents constantly published in all forums or groups of Africa Social Smart;


 Make a face-to-face deal and collect in cash.



 The obligations of the buyer

the execution of this contract, the parties engage in a preliminary conciliation phase for a period of (03) months.  After this period, in the event that no amicable solution could have occurred, the parties agree to submit the dispute to the competent courts of the partner countries.






 Article 11: General provision



 This privacy policy relates to this website and is served by BITKLAP.COM and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it.


 The policy defines the various areas where user privacy is concerned and describes the obligations and requirements of users, the website and website owners.  In addition, the manner in which this website processes, stores and protects user data and information will also be detailed in this policy.


 Article 12: The website


 This website and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure and improper use of your information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial safeguards to  protect the information we collect in accordance with our privacy policy.


 If you choose to be a Bythmoney Dollars user, you will be asked to provide personal information.  This information is used for transaction purposes.  Bitklap treats all of this data with the utmost confidentiality.


 Article 13: Revocation


 You can revoke your consent to receive information at any time by e-mail at


 Article 14: Transfer of personal data


 Bitklap will transfer your data exclusively for the purpose of processing your requests and / or providing you with access to the infrastructure (e.g. servers, IT services, web hosting) of IT employees we have engaged.  These IT specialists will process your data strictly in accordance with our instructions and will be supervised by us.  These IT professionals are strictly prohibited from using the data collected and processed through the Bitklap website for their own purposes.


 If you are interested in our products and request to establish a contact, we will forward the personal data you entered in the form only to our IT and support staff so that they can advise you on concerns or our products.


 Article 15: Cross-border transfer


 Your personal data may be transferred to another group company affiliated with Africa Social Smart-, if this is necessary for the implementation of the object of the respective contract and / or for the provision of a service.  Some subsidiaries of BITKLAP.COL may be located outside the sub-regional economic area and be governed by different legal provisions on data protection, or by none.  In this case, BITKLAP.COM assures that it will take appropriate measures to ensure sufficient and reasonable data protection also in this case.  You can contact BITKLAP.COM at any time concerning your right to information or any other right.


 Article 16: External sites


 Our websites may contain links to websites operated by other companies.  If you use these links you will leave the website BITKLAP.COM is not responsible for these third party websites.  BITKLAP.COM's privacy policy does not apply to third party websites.  Please check directly on these websites how this protected personal data is used.


 Article 17: Modification of data and right of information


 If you wish to check, rectify or delete personal data made available to us at an earlier date, you can contact us at any time by e-mail:  Please indicate 

 Pay in cash or by mobile money to the Orange Money or MOMO MTN account, which account is linked to the account or which bears the same name which can be found in the screenshot of the transfer;


 Do the operation face to face.


 Failure to comply with these obligations by sellers and / or buyers is not the responsibility of BITKLAP.COM.



 Article 18: Deposit of funds in the wallet


 In the event of a deposit in their account on the platform, the user must have already created their account.  The user must fill in certain information in the fields displayed, including:


 The deposit amount


 The deposit method (Bitcoin, Payeer, or mobile money, etc ...)


 The comment if necessary.  This field is not required.


 Depending on the method chosen, the user will have to follow the steps that will be displayed to him.  Because some deposit transactions do not depend on the management system.  Once the transaction is completed, the customer receives an instant deposit in his account, and within 24-72 hours maximum.


 Article 19: Monthly withdrawals


 In our client portfolio management system, we allow users to be in possession of their earnings at the end of each month.  This operation is available and can be performed on the 15th of each month.  From the 15th to the 17th at the latest, all withdrawal requests can no longer be managed in the current month because the withdrawal menu is not available during this period.  To make a withdrawal in the system, the customer must have entered his information in the system through the Settings menu> then configure his payment methods.  To be paid, the customer can choose through which channel to receive his payments according to the available withdrawal payment methods.


 The identities or surname and first name of the account holders linked to the withdrawal operation must be identical in the, mobile money, UBA visa card and bank transfer accounts.


 Once configured, the customer can now make a withdrawal request in the interval from the 1st 15th of each month, then be paid from the 16th to the 18th of each month.  There may be an exception for certain months.


 Article 20: Settlement of disputes


 In the event of a dispute that may arise in connection with

Article 21: Modification of contrat

The present contrat must be modificate at any time.