Frequently asked questions

How to create an account ?

The account creation in Bitklap is done by the referral link of the user who advised you the platform or in a simple way if it is by yourself you joined the platform. Go to this link and  click Create account, fill in all the required information on the form. Once your account is created, click Login for log to your account.

How to reset your password?

Go to the Login page and click on Forgot Password in the form, under the Password field. Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail field of the Forgot Password form and click on Reset button. You will receive an e-mail containing a Password Reset Link. Click on this link and fill in the form, your new password too and confirm it. Once done, you will have successfully resetted your password.

Our projects

1.The project consists of promoting blockchain technology in Africa and in the world in several forms in order to better derive the benefits and gains that cryptomnaries and digital currencies can generate through exchanges, money transfers in a global way, the  trading and others.  We firmly believe that the budget of the whole world is linked to money transfers, to the use of money in daily exchanges.
2.To benefit the field of exchanges to all our users by developing an investment system with excessive To benefit the field of exchanges to all our users by developing an investment system with excessive strategies.

3. The establishment of a real-time crypto trading market to allow all the major traders in Africa and the world to benefit from investment margins on our platform.

4. To be the first ICO and IEO regulation platform organized by certain companies in the blockchain sector as part of fundraising for the development of major projects. And this in order to avoid the scam linked to ICO and IEO in the world of the cryptosphere.

5.The establishment of a stable digital currency called BITMONEY in order to facilitate money transfers to international countries on our platform and also to allow all our users to convert their cryptocurrency into BITMONEY to avoid the volatility of certain cryptocurrencies which sometimes are experiencing big drops in the market.

6. The establishment of an ecommerce market where all products are purchased with only mobile coins or cryptocurrencies or digital currencies.

How to buy and sell coins on

Once your account is created, log into your account. Click on EXCHANGE, select on the form at SEND level the currencies you want to send and at RECEIVE level select the currencies you want to receive, (example: you want to buy bitcoin dollar using MTNMoney, at the level of SEND, select Mtn Money and at the level of RECEIVE select Dollar Bitcoin, you will automatically see the price of $ 1 bitcoin, calculate on your calculator the total amount of dollar bitcoin you want to buy corresponding to the cost that is displayed, put the total amount at the level of SEND and click EXCHANGE to continue the operation, complete the requested form: your email address, your bitcoin address; click on EXCHANGE to continue the operation; you will see the details of your operation, click on PAY ORDER to continue or CANCEL; If you click on PAY ORDER you will see the details of the payment to be made, in particular the number to which you must send the mtn money, the total amount you need to send; make the transfer and write the number with which the transfer is made  at ENTER TRANSACTION NUMBER / BATCH. For cryptocurrency payments the transaction ID is your WALLET ADRESS).
NOTES: this example is valid for any type of exchange you want to make on, be sure to read it carefully and do the same for all your currency exchanges

What should I do if after the money transfer my request page no longer appears?

Simple, you just have to re-apply and once you arrive on the form where you are asked to enter the ID of the transaction you simply put the ID of the transaction that you had already made before your page disappears .

Can I deposit money in my wallet?

Yes you can put money in your wallet. represents a stable coin portfolio. You can deposit any cryptocurrency or mobile currency into your account. Just click on WALLET in your account, then on DEPOSIT, complete the deposit form, confirm the transaction and wait for receipt in your wallet.

Can I send money from my wallet to a member registered on

Yes, sure! If you have money in your wallet, just click on wallet in your account, then SEND MONEY, fill out the form and confirm send.

Can I invite members to join

Yes, Bitklap has developed a simple membership invitation system. On each new member recommended by you on the platform, you receive 5% on their currency buying and selling transactions. Trust and round up your monthly earnings.

What is investment?

Invest is one of the system supports of the platform. We have implemented a strategic investment plan based on exchanges, Bitcoin currency, trading and others with a strategy of compound interest. Click on BITKLAP INVESTMENT, create an account, make a deposit and choose the appropriate package then invest to start earning passive income every week.